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AutoVue EDA Professional

AutoVue EDA Professional is a cost-effective visualization and electronic design collaboration solution designed to meet the specific requirements of the PCB design and contract manufacturing communities.


AutoVue EDA Professional provides native document viewing for the major EDA software packages, and delivers a comprehensive solution for multi-format design review, annotation, cross-probing and real-time collaboration. Design reviews are facilitated, standardizing the overall design review process, and allowing PCB designers and contract manufacturers to reduce the number of costly board spins and achieve faster time-to-market.


AutoVue EDA Professional enables secure, remote collaboration via the Web, without distributing original documents, thereby protecting valuable intellectual property. As the premier integrated viewer for hundreds of PLM, PDM, ERP and shop floor control systems, AutoVue enables EDA to be easily integrated with the overall engineering process, without requiring expensive licenses of EDA tools.



Set a Higher Level of Document Security

Protect intellectual property by allowing suppliers to access, view, and interrogate files without releasing the original document and its proprietary data.

Maintain document integrity with native document viewing

Markups and annotations are saved as separate layers, never altering the original documents

Improve Team Productivity

Standardize design review and troubleshooting processes for manufacturing documents, layouts and schematics

Minimize costly board spins by enabling early communication

Unlock technical information to non technical users (sales, marketing, and procurement) and to the people that need it most for decision making         

Improve Collaboration and Communication

Collaborate on digital documents, communicate and track feedback and change requests with markup capabilities

Streamline communications from product development stages to the shop floor and vice versa.

Perform real-time web-based design reviews with global teams and suppliers

Deliver a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Eliminate the cost of expensive EDA applications and reduce software maintenance and training costs

Manage only one set of data: the native documents

Native document viewing eliminates the need for expensive and error-prone document conversions

Reduce design errors and re-work costs

Eliminate cost and complexity of maintaining multiple client-side viewers and server-side conversion systems

Leverage existing IT infrastructure and extract value from existing IT investments with easy integration