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The AutoEDMS Engineering Document Management and Workflow System is designed for workgroups and multi-site enterprises. AutoEDMS helps manage computer-based files, data and programs -- from engineering to accounting and from production to sales.  AutoEDMS is often used by engineering and manufacturing firms and is currently managing files for thousands of organizations worldwide.



Database Design and User-Friendly Forms

AutoEDMS database designs are completely configurable and multiple database screens


(Forms) can be designed for each database. Each Form can be designed to reflect the needs and abilities of:

· individual users

· user groups

· types of documents

· departments

· work processes

Forms can have multiple pages, hidden fields,

display-only fields, drop-down

field value list fields, etc.



Workflow Routing

AutoEDMS provides workflow routing of documents, typically through a draft/check/approve cycle. In this scenario, AutoEDMS automatically protects files that are in the workflow process and keeps an audit trail of all file activity.

The built-in AutoEDMS Workflow Engine automates the design and administration of workflow processes, and also provides status reporting and audit trails. It improves productivity, by documenting and highlighting delays in workflow processes.

The Workflow Engine is based upon a graphical workflow designer that is used to design and modify custom workflow processes. By "dragging & dropping" icons that represent the various workflow steps, authorized users can easily build a complete workflow that can be viewed and printed to document the process (Figure 10). Each stage of the Workflow has properties (parameters) that can be set for file routing, user security, etc. With the optional Advanced Workflow Designer, custom "ACL" routines can also be added to each step to implement additional workflow functions that may not be addressed by the standard Workflow Engine.



File Viewing, Printing and Redlining

AutoEDMS directly views and prints over 300 file formats, including AutoCAD, MicroStation, scanned CALS IV and TIFF images, JPEG color photos, Microsoft Office files, and Adobe Acrobat. All supported file formats can be viewed and printed by AutoEDMS, without using the native application

Redlining, Markup, Annotation and Commenting

ACS offers the optional AutoEDMS Redline Module that provides redlining and annotation with sticky notes. Redlining is controlled through AutoEDMS security, to prevent unauthorized users from marking-up protected drawings.  The Redline Module is a "floating" tool and can be shared by any number of AutoEDMS users.