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DvTDM Document Control and Management


DvTDM - DataViewer Total Document Management - offers organizations the ability to manage a complete range of documents that span the modern office. These include Emails, Office Documents, CAD Files, Digital Photographs and more. So why does DvTDM stand out from the many Document Management solutions on the market today? Because DvTDM offers unique features that are designed to benefit the end user.


DvTDM provides a customizable version control feature that ensures users are working with the correct version of any document. It also provides controls that prevent editing of earlier versions and multiple users from editing the same document simultaneously.

























E-Mail Management

With DvTDM you can simply Drag & Drop emails. DvTDM will add the email and any attachments, index the contents, record who sent it, when, and the subject in the database. The email and any attachments are safely moved to the server and stored along with any other documents pertaining to the project. Now when you go to archive a project off the server you can be sure ALL your documents are in one place. When DvTDM creates a database of all the documents it also pre-indexes every word they contain - whether they be Text, Office, Email, AutoCAD® or Microstation® files. This allows the user to search for any word or number that might appear in a document within a matter of seconds!



You are able to keep your existing document names and directory structure while controlling access. You can specifically assign access rights to documents and different users or groups of users.



DvTDM has a built-in graphical Workflow engine that will notify interested parties automatically via email of important events, and hence can be configured to track approvals etc. DvTDM will also route documents, monitor document creation and distribution in keeping with your company's Quality Process & Procedures, while not increasing the burden on your staff.


Reference Files

CAD files almost always contain links to external references, which make drawing creation easier. The problem is maintaining these links! DvTDM solves this problem by telling the user how many reference files there are, where the files are, and whether the links are broken. It can also repair broken links. When a drawing is added to DvTDM it will warn the user if there are reference files and give you the opportunity to add them to the database. If the reference files you are adding have the same name as existing reference files it will give the user the option to rename them.


Sending Links

With DvTDM information can be emailed without the need to send the actual image or database! The recipient clicks on a link and the images required open up within their browser - without the need to move the data from the original location. This results in a reduction in network traffic and prevents the incidence of duplicate files being stored or the wrong version being used. What's more DvTDM's audit trail tracks ALL access!


Adding Documents

One of the shortcomings of many Document Management solutions is that employees are required to do more work than before to support the system! For example, adding a document to a database and completing a long list of questions. DvTDM ensures that adding a new document is extremely easy - regardless of whether it comes into your organization by email or is created in-house. Simply Drag & Drop!


Up to date Information

DvTDM ensures through its version control, workflow and document creation features that the information is accurate and up to date at all times. The built-in report engine can, at a moments notice, advise you which projects, documents, contracts etc. are on time, behind time, completed or cancelled.



DvTDM has tools that will collect all the documents on your network, capturing their location, their significance and the file properties. The result is a database that contains information on who created the document, when, who last edited the document, what version it is and any other information that can be gained from the directory names and the actual files.


DeskTop or WEB

DvTDM is available in both desktop and web versions. The benefit of installing the web version is that there is no need to install or maintain the software across multiple computers. Only the administrator needs to have the desktop version in order to change the form designs. DvTDM Web is not a lite version - you still have the ability to edit, check in, check out, drag & drop etc.