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AutoVue Office

AutoVue Office is a cost-effective viewing and annotation solution for organizations in the legal, pharmaceutical, insurance and financial services industries, that require office automation support. With AutoVue Office, organizations gain extensive native document viewing, as well as versatile document review and annotation capabilities for Office, PDF, and graphic document types. Users can view, print, review and collaborate on hundreds of electronic documents, without requiring the authoring applications that were used to create them.


AutoVue Office can be integrated into existing Document Management, Product Lifecycle Management or Enterprise Resource Planning systems, providing a comprehensive enterprise visualization platform that makes original documents available, wherever they may reside, to the entire organization in a secure and controlled manner. Real-time collaboration capabilities allow teams to perform document review sessions via the web in real time.



Improve Team Productivity and Collaboration

Provide access to crucial information and avoid document synchronization

Collaborate on digital documents, communicate and track feedback and change requests with markup capabilities

Standardize the document review process across the global enterprise

Streamline communication within and beyond an organization

Perform real-time web-based document reviews with global teams

Set a Higher Level of Document Security

Protect original documents by allowing users to access, view, and interrogate files without releasing the actual document and its proprietary data.

Maintain document integrity with native document viewing

Ensure teams are working with the latest versions of original documents

Reduce Costs

Reduce paper and document delivery costs

Reduce travel costs

Deliver a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Native document viewing eliminates the need for expensive document conversions

Manage only one set of data: the native documents

Eliminate cost and complexity of maintaining multiple client-side viewers and server-side conversion systems

Leverage existing IT infrastructure and extract value from existing IT investments with easy integration