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Create system ISO's or spool drawings automatically from ORTHO or 3D drawings and edit them, or manually create isometrics using CADPIPE ISO's easy generation tools.



Convenient Editing Tools

CADPIPE ISO has a complete set of powerful easy to use tools allowing you to create and edit ISO designs. For example, the Move, Copy and Erase commands quickly edit pipe, valve, and fittings while preserving the intelligence assigned to each item. The ISO editing commands let you edit the material spec of items on entire segments or individually, and easily designate them as shop or field supplied. Use the robust Balloon editing and grouping commands to automatically balloon your drawings and arrange them in accordance with your needs.


Generate Materials Reports

Automatically generate a complete Bill of Materials report for one drawing or a global report across several drawings. A typical BOM report includes the material specification, schedule, rating, end types, line number and weight, and can be sorted by line number, line designation, specification, and may other parameters. You can customize the descriptions or user code through the Specification Generator. You can view the complete BOM report on your screen and send it to a printer. Export it to an SDF file, a comma delimited ASCII file, or directly to Microsoft Access for customized sorting of database information. The comma delimited ASCII file can be imported into most commercially available databases.


Universal Data Exchange

Export CADPIPE designs to stress analysis programs using the

Universal Data Exchange feature. You can also create 'as built' versions

of your 3D model by exporting your final fabrication drawings from



Auto ISO

The Powerful Automatic ISO utility quickly creates detailed isometrics from your 3D or ORTHO drawings. The ISO's are automatically dimensioned and a Bill of Materials is generated. You can modify your ISO using the simple editing tools and your original 3D/ORTHO drawings will be updated as well.


Intelligent Manual Isometrics

CADPIPE ISO highlights practical and automatic features for fast accurate designs. For example the Routing line feature allows you to draw an intelligent routing line and then automatically place your elbows, valves, fittings, and pipe.


Easy Dimensioning

CADPIPE ISO gives you total dimensioning flexibility. After placing fittings, valves, etc you can quickly dimension your drawings. CADPIPE dimensions automatically, creating the proper cut lengths of pipe from your input dimensions. You can dimension in the seven standard planes and use the offset dimensioning commands to dimension complex offsets.


User-Defined Specifications

CADPIPE is driven by user-definable specifications allowing you to modify the specifications provided or build your own for each project. Each material specification contains essential design information including fittings, valves, and flange specs for various ranges of pipe size. When a material specification is selected, the program uses the information defined in the spec to draw the pipe and automatically changing specifications as the pipe size changes.