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CADPIPE P&ID allows you to quickly create and edit Process and Instrumentation Diagrams and Flow Diagrams.


Intelligent Flow Lines

CADPIPE includes simple, intelligent flow lines that connect to each

other, equipment, valves, and fittings. The flow lines automatically break

and repair as equipment is placed on and removed from them.

They also carry directional data, and the flow line layers are simplified

so they can be changed from main to secondary with the touch of a button.

CADPIPE also automatically orients check valves and flow arrows to the

flow direction. You can move objects along flow lines and stretch flow lines.


Easy to Use Edit Tools

The powerful and robust editing tools make drawing complex P&ID's simple, fast and accurate. For example you can: easily change all valve and equipment tag numbers; edit sizes, ratings and end types, as well as flow line and instrument signal line types; move an entire segment of a flow line and all items on the line move with it; change the material specification and all items on a line are updated in accordance with the new size and spec requirements; balloon commands allow you to edit, place, and create balloons, tags, etc; and you can automatically dimension your drawings.


User-Defined Specifications

CADPIPE is driven by user-definable specifications. Each material specification contains essential design information including fitting, valve, and flange specifications for various pipe size ranges. When a material spec is selected, the program uses the information defined in the spec to draw the pipe, changing specs as the pipe size changes. You can modify the specs provided with CADPIPE or build your own specs with the specification generator.


Equipment Generator

CADPIPE allows you to create, edit, customize, and place many types of equipment on your P&ID designs.


Generate Materials Reports

Automatically generate a complete Bill of Materials report. A typical BOM report includes the material specification, schedule, rating, end types, line number and weight, and can be sorted by line number, line designation, specification, and may other parameters. You can customize the descriptions or user code through the Specification Generator. You can view the complete BOM report on your screen and send it to a printer. Export it to an SDF file, a comma delimited ASCII file, or directly to Microsoft Access for customized sorting of database information. The comma delimited ASCII file can be imported into most commercially available databases.


Data Link

The Data Link Feature creates a bi-directional link between any P&ID drawing and an external database (Access, Oracle, DBase, etc). Changes made in the drawing update the database it is linked to, and changes made in the database update the drawing. This ability to track information from the very first P&ID facilitates concurrent engineering and allows users to merge design information from various sources into one.